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Personal Tax Filing

Simplify your tax filing and maximize your deductions.

The Problem

Lack the time, knowledge and resources to properly manage your business financials?

The Solution

At KMA we offer trustworthy Accounting and Financial Services for Small Businesses like yours.

KMA Personal Tax Benefits

Accurate Filing

Tax filings on time, error free and tailored to your unique needs

Deductions & Credits

Maximized returns and credits to ensure minimized tax obligations

Personal Support

We value our clients and offer them personalized service

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax preparation is the process of completing and filing your tax return. Tax planning is the process of developing strategies to reduce your tax liability. We can help you with both tax preparation and tax planning.

We are required to follow strict confidentiality guidelines. This means that we will not share your tax information with anyone without your permission.

If you have a complex tax situation, it is important to choose a CPA firm that has experience with your specific type of tax return. For example, if you are self-employed or have investment income, you should choose a CPA firm like ours that has experience with these types of tax returns.


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